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Máquinas para cartonagem



With our SAMPLER, preparing samples of cardboard boxes became an easy and fast task. This one machine cuts, creases and make slots, with no need to stop production equipment. Due to quality of all components and systems, an excellent finish is obtained, giving the customer a clear vision of what the final boxes will look like.

Tubular structure in 1020 steel covered with #16 gage 1020 steel sheet
Machine operates with a hydraulic system – central with 50 liters capacity
Circular saw motor – 1 HP – 3 phase – II poles
Circular saw has carbide tips for better finish of cuts
Maximum slot length – 500 mm
Maximum cut or crease length – 2200 mm
Machine dimensions:
Length – 2200 mm
Width – 3000 mm
Total height – 950 mm
Height of table from floor – 860 mm
All specifications and features of the equipment shown above, may be changed without notice to improve performance


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